David Harbour Promises Stranger Things Won’t Leave Fans Hanging

Halloween may have felt cold and lonely this year without any Stranger Things to turn to. The spooky series is in a hiatus until season 3 drops next year. However, some things are worth the wait. David Harbour told CNET that good things are to come.

As soon as Stranger Things dropped on Netflix, it became an instant phenomenon. The freakishly talented cast, nostalgic tone, and thrilling adventure made getting sucked into the Upside Down a thrill. We never want it to end, but of course, it will have to one day. Luckily, that day is not coming soon.

“We’re either going to season 4 or season 5. It’s still being debated. I do know the arc of the story, though. This was something that I discussed with [show creators] the Duffer brothers right from day one,” Harbour revealed.

Binging can be a commitment. No one wants to spend hours in front of their TV to learn that everything they just watched was a dream. Especially over several seasons, sci-fi series can get a little out of hand and be difficult to reign back in. That will not be the case with Stranger Things Harbour promises. There is a plan here and one that sounds pretty dang awesome.

“A lot of times you don’t get that in TV. But the great thing about this is that we knew what season 1 was, and we had ideas about if it extended — because we didn’t know we’d get picked up — but if it extended, what the end of the actual thing would be. Like Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi have an arc to them. I think Stranger Things, be it season 4 or season 5, has an arc to it that I understand,” Harbour said. “I feel very proud of that because we’re not going to get lost in our story and leave these strands. We’re going to tie things up.”

Hopefully, that means a happy ending for Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). That poor kid has been through a ton and we would hate to see him succumb to the Upside Down. If anyone can figure out a way to close the door on the alternate universe forever, we put our faith in Detective Hopper. Let’s shut down those pesky Demogorgons once and for all.

Featured Image: David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown in <i>Stranger Things 2</i> Courtesy: Netflix


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