Taron Egerton Rides the Wave of Fame as Elton John in First Rocketman Teaser

Elton John has written dozens of hits and enjoyed a smashing career lasting more than five decades. There is one song in particular, however, that is the focal point of an upcoming biopic about the musician’s life. Paramount released the first trailer for Rocketman today and it is a rock and roll spectacle.

Taron Egerton stars as the famous singer/songwriter and while it is not an obvious choice, it totally works here. The costume design is certainly an asset in transforming the actor. John’s signature glasses and epic performance wear, including that famous sequined Dodgers uniform, are iconic.

While John has enjoyed a lengthy career, the film seems to be focused on his early days of stardom. The trailer features performances at the legendary Troubadour to stepping onto stadium stages. There is also a brief glimpse of his childhood and battles with substance abuse. While the film intends to tackle some serious stuff, an ordinary biopic won’t do for the legendary Rockstar. The film, directed by Dexter Fletcher (Eddie the Eagle) has choreographed dance numbers and fantasy sequences. John’s career is larger than life and calls for something extravagant.

Rocketman is John’s song about the isolation of being famous. Both the astronaut and the rock star have an unrelatable quality that distances them from loved ones. Despite the copious adoration fans heaped upon John, there is a real sense of loneliness in this trailer. The star is almost always by himself or somewhat separated from the crowd.

It is difficult to say how well this reflects the real Elton John’s perspective of his life. The Rocketman motif seems to be heavily portrayed in the trailer as fans, then John himself, lift off in zero gravity. Presumably, the more famous John becomes, the farther he floats away. While it’s an excellent song, it definitely seems to be driving the film’s aesthetic and will reinforce Sir Elton’s epic reputation.

Here’s the brief official synopsis:

Rocketman is an epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Sir Elton John’s breakthrough years.

Rocketman lifts off May 31.

Featured Image: Taron Egerton in Rocket Man. Courtesy Paramount Pictures


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