Emily Blunt Sings Our Troubles Away in New Mary Poppins Returns Trailer

Disney has released a musical, magical, marvelous look at Mary Poppins Returns. Everyone’s favorite nanny looks – and sounds – as lovely as ever and we get to see her enchanting abilities in action. From porpoises in the bath to flying over the city, there’s nothing Mary cannot do.

The sequel to the 1964 film will revive the brief period of Disney history that mixed animation with live action. The 2D animation has definitely undergone some sprucing with even more impressive integration than before. There actually seem to be a combination of animation styles happening here with a few CG surprises. But that carriage ride through the park really takes me back to the classic carousel horse scene. Done well, this could be a really exciting update to the story.

We also finally hear Emily Blunt singing in character for the first time and her voice is honey. It’s warm and smooth and everything you would want from a nanny who puts everything in your life in place. We were first introduced to Blunt’s magically dulcet tones on screen in 2014’s Into the Woods where she played the Baker’s Wife. All the way back in 2007, Blunt also loaned her vocal chords to singing backup on Michael Buble’s song Everything.

The role of Mary Poppins was originated by Julie Andrews, one of the greatest vocalists in the history of cinema. The bar was set high, but Blunt seems up to the task. If this preview is any indication, she seems to capture the magic and maternal qualities that have made Mary such a beloved character all these years.

The song itself is an instant pick-me-up about finding the fun in life. If there’s one thing that Disney movies continually remind us, it’s that magic and make-believe are sometimes the most powerful medicine of all. Everything is possible when Mary Poppins appears. Even as adults, sharing cherished traditions with our family can be a magic all its own.

Mary Poppins Returns to help the Banks family on December 19.


Kelle Long

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