The First Roma Trailer is Simultaneously Soothing and Invigorating

The first trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s new film, Roma, is a transcendent celebration of life and strength through suffering. There’s absolutely no dialogue, but every beautiful image defies language. We all know how every one of the intimate family moments feels and that holds the promise of something truly special.

Love, courage, hope, change, and home are all words used to describe the story and all things I felt while watching it. Roma takes place during political unrest in Mexico City in the 1970s. A family holds tight to one another as forces threaten to tear them apart. Roma is anticipated to be a deeply personal film for the director as it is reportedly semi-autobiographical.

As nearly an afterthought after several viewings, I realized the film is in black and white. It seems so vivid that the lack of hue barely struck me. There is such passion and life in every frame. The trailer alone is a beautiful thing to behold.

Here’s the very vague synopsis included with the trailer release: Time and Space constrain us, but they also define who we are, creating inexplicable bonds with the others that flow with us at the same time and through the same places. ROMA

The trailer doesn’t specify a release date, saying only that it is coming to theaters and Netflix soon. Roma will screen at TIFF, which means it likely will not open to the public before the festival in September. The TIFF schedule lists Roma as a Spanish language film with a 135-minute runtime.

Ironically, Cuarón’s most recent feature film was the Oscar winning Gravity that engulfed even IMAX screens. Roma will have a limited theater release but is a Netflix project. That means viewers will be experiencing Roma on screens that range in size from home theaters down to a smart phone. Regardless of what screen you view it on, Roma promises to make a big impact.

Featured Image: Roma. Courtesy: Netflix


Kelle Long

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