Todd McFarlane Excitedly Welcomes Jeremy Renner to Spawn Adaptation

First-time director, Todd McFarlane, is racking up some serious talent for upcoming adaption of his very own comic book character, Spawn. Jeremy Renner, has joined the cast alongside previously announced Jamie Foxx. Avengers star Renner is right at home in superhero world after spending six years as Hawkeye. Although Foxx will be the main face of the movie, Renner will be playing Twitch Williams, a crucial character from the comics. McFarlane shared his excitement on Twitter.

Foxx was cast in May to play Al Simmons, a member of a CIA team who is betrayed by his cohorts as they plan his murder. Things take a stranger turn for him when he is convinced to transcend to a Hell spawn warrior to reunite with his wife. In doing so, he finds himself trapped in a demonic creature’s body and realizes that his wife left him to marry his best friend. Spawn redirects his anger to seek revenge and battle the world’s evil, but he cannot do it alone. This is where Twitch Williams (Renner) has his back. Twitch has incredibly intuitive detective skills and perfectly complements the powers of the demonic Spawn. Together, Spawn’s powers and Twitch’s intelligence combine to fight the evils of the world.

The Spawn filmmakers are gushing about bringing Renner on board. McFarlane told Deadline that Renner’s Hollywood successes in superhero films and his strong, realistic presence on the screen makes him the perfect fit for this character. McFarlane also told The Wrap, “With the ensemble of award-winning talent that has signed on to the ‘Spawn’ Movie – Jason Blum (producer), Blumhouse Productions, Jamie Foxx (Spawn) and NOW Jeremy Renner – it is MORE than I’d EVER hoped for when first visualizing this movie years ago.”

With horror mogul Jason Blum on board, this is sure to be a dark, grisly interpretation. Blum told Deadline, “Jeremy [Renner] is the ideal choice for Twitch Williams. He radiates honesty, intelligence and a hard-working, everyman charisma, the same qualities that make Twitch such a compelling character.”

More than 20 years has passed since the previous 1997 adaptation. Here’s hoping this casting news puts the production into high gear.

Featured Image: LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 26: Actor Jeremy Renner attends the premiere of The Weinstein Company’s “Wind River” at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on July 26, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)