SDCC 2018: Elijah Recruits a Powerful Ally in First Glass Trailer

Elijah Price has assembled every piece he needs to play out his comic book fantasies. Limited by brittle bone disease, Price has found Kevin Wendell Crumb who, when he becomes the Beast, is invincible. Eighteen years earlier, he connected with David Dunn, his only worthy nemesis. Everything is on the table now, so where do we go from here? The first trailer for Glass lays it all out and drops some clues.

Sarah Paulson’s role of Dr. Ellie Staple spelled out right away. Studying Elijah (Samuel L. Jackson), Kevin (James McAvoy), and David (Bruce Willis) is the pinnacle of her field. They are each disturbed patients suffering from flights of fancy that they have superpowers. Yes, she doesn’t believe in their astonishing abilities. It is kind of weird she is so excited to meet them and immediately insults their strongly held belief system, but I guess she’s excited and new on the job. It isn’t clear how she got them all together, or why David is in chains, but she will probably soon regret how very wrong she was.

What she does reveal is very interesting as far as where the story picks up. Staple said that they are patients zero of what is a rapidly growing field. Apparently, there are a lot more people coming forward believing they have superpowers. Of course, to us that means there are more people discovering their abilities. Hopefully they are good people, because Price has some bad ideas in mind.

Having discovered the Beast’s abilities, Price recognizes how useful it would be to combine his intellect with the strongest human on Earth. So far, the Beast has only had a relationship with Hedwig, Patricia, and Dennis. Yet, Price seems to be able to control the Beast. There has only ever been one other person the Beast has respected and that is Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy).

Casey is the real wild card here. She barely appears in the trailer, but presumably plays a vital role. She’s a good soul who appears to have untapped potential and was spared by all of Kevin’s personalities during the awakening of the Beast. However, that is predictably where all of this is headed and M. Night Shyamalan isn’t in the habit of playing into our expectations. Essentially, the trailer looks immensely promising and I am strapped in and ready for this ride.

Glass opens in theaters January 18.

Featured Image: Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Sarah Paulson in Glass. Courtesy: Universal Pictures


Kelle Long

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