Witness the Making of that Deadpool 2 Music Video

What is the one foolproof thing that could make any music video more fun? If you have been paying attention over the past six months, you know where this is headed. You have to include Deadpool, of course. And he has to shake it.

Nearly a month after the Merc with a Mouth returned to theaters, Fox released a behind the scenes look at the making of the ‘Welcome To The Party’ music video. The song by Diplo, Lil Pump, and French Montana featuring Zhavia is one of fourteen songs on the original soundtrack of Deadpool 2. Besides the typical fare of throwing stacks of money and lots of dancing, the footage gives fans a peek at the more unconventional tasks the stars completed while producing the video. Most notably featured is DJ and producer Diplo, who is seen filming a skydiving scene underneath a blue screen.

“I play Fortnite, so I know exactly how to skydive,” he says in the video. And skydive he does. Flying through the air alongside Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), Domino (Zazie Beetz), and Bedlam (Terry Crews), Diplo casually eats an ice cream cone in the vein of typical Deadpool humor. While the footage of Diplo is simply edited in alongside scenes from the actual movie, the integration between music video and movie is a rare one, and it succeeds here.

“Always good to have fun in life,” rapper French Montana tells the camera while Zhavia and Lil Pump stand behind him on another, flaming set of the shoot. If the completed music video for “Welcome to the Party” is anything to go by, it looks like they had a lot of it. The music video features the artists in multiple other scenes of the film, and even puts them inside the truck upon which Deadpool, well, strikes a pose.

Here’s the full music video for you to rock out to.

Deadpool 2 is in theaters now.

Featured Image: Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in Twentieth Century Fox’s DEADPOOL 2. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.