This Solo: A Star Wars Story Spot Teases Some of the Most Famous Relationships in Han’s Life

Star Wars films are kept notoriously under wraps with plot points kept close to the chest. Seeing how the galactic conflict will unfold is filled with anticipation. That will probably not be the case for Solo: A Star Wars Story, however. Seeing Han’s wild days before battling the Empire is likely to be akin to the thrill of sharing a nostalgic inside joke with a friend. A short new TV spot is packed with familiar references and it is bound to make any fan giddy.

Han (Alden Ehrenreich) has some serious skills. He’s brave, bold, and really talented at flight controls. And for every ounce of skill he possesses, he has ten times the confidence. An unknown Solo declares he’s not only going to be a pilot, but he’ll be the best in the galaxy (we’re surprised he didn’t say universe). His unabashed swagger catches the eye of Lando (Donald Glover) and so begins their lifelong tumultuous bromance. If you are craving more Lando, Donald Glover did pay homage to the character in his Saturday Night Live performance this weekend.

Of course, no man can fly the Millenium Falcon alone. Han is going to need a copilot. When he asks the question of who it could be, it’s difficult to not stand up and cheer when Chewbacca replies with a roar. This is it, the assembly of one of the greatest stories ever told.

We also get to see a little more of Woody Harrelson’s character, Beckett, and he seems perfectly cast in the role. He’s fun, cocky, and unscrupulous. Everything we hoped he would be. The clip ends with a hilarious and endearing interaction between Beckett and Chewbacca. We all know Chewie can be slightly temperamental and he has absolutely no time for a holographic display Beckett created. We get it, Chewie. Sometimes we want to clear the table and avoid work talk too.

Solo: A Star Wars Story flies into theaters May 25.

Featured Image: Alden Ehrenreich is Han and Joonas Suotamo is Chewbacca in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY 


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