New Luke Cage Season 2 Clip Shows Off Super Strength, Speed, and Long Jumping Ability?

You know Luke Cage (Mike Colter) is tough. You know he’s got super strength. You know he’s got unbreakable skin. But did you know he’s also faster than Usain Bolt (his 40-yard dash time is 3.72)? And can beat the world record for the long jump by eleven feet? With these kind of all-around skills, Luke better be careful—he could be getting a call from the Avengers sometime soon. Or, perhaps, an NFL team.

The new clip, “The Show Off,” is from the second season of the Netflix hit. If you’re curious about why the hero of Harlem is running, jumping, and hurling 400-pound truck tires around, it’s because the clip is timed to tonight’s NFL Draft. NFL hopefuls take part in a combine in which their various physical skills are tested very much like what you’ll see Cage doing here. As gifted as those athletes are, Cage has ’em beat.

Marvel’s Luke Cage‘s second season has 13 episodes, which begin streaming on Friday, June 22. After clearing his name in season one, he’s still in the center of several storms as he faces a brand new threat in Rosalie Carbone, played by Sopranos’ alum Annabelle Sciorra. Carbone is a big-time criminal, but her territory is supposed to be downtown. In the new season, Carbone will be eying Harlem, which will put her in direct conflict with Cage. Yet Carbone isn’t the only villain Cage will tangle with in season two; he’s still got to deal with Theo Rossi’s Shades and Alfre Woodard’s Mariah, hardly a pair of shrinking violets.

Cage is one of Marvel’s most likable characters, both noble and stoic, super strong but also thoughtful and contemplative. He’s almost the polar opposite of his former paramour, Jessica Jones, who is often impetuous and volatile. Season one was a great ride, with Harlem offering a rich, layered setting for Cage to operate in. Like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage features a superhero who is often in conflict with his gifts, and one whose identity is hard, maybe even impossible, to extricate from his city, and more specifically his neighborhood. Luke Cage is definitively a Harlem show, and for that reason, and many others, it’s one of our favorites in the Marvel television universe.

Featured image: Mike Colter stars as Luke Cage in Marvel’s Luke Cage. Courtesy Netflix.


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