Kevin Hart is the Class Clown of Tiffany Haddish’s Night School

Have you ever thought about going back to high school? Maybe they were the best days of your life, or maybe they were the worst. Well, Kevin Hart doesn’t seem to have a choice in the first official trailer for his new film, Night School.

Hart stars as a high school dropout who, after an incident involving leaking gas and open flames, finds himself out of a job. As a result, Hart’s character has to go back to high school to complete a few credits in order to get his GED. From the looks of the trailer, he might not make the grade. Girl’s Trip director Malcom D. Lee is reuniting with Haddish for this film, which we’re sure will be just as wild.

Haddish plays a teacher who is more tame than her Girl’s Trip character, but just as bold and fun to watch. Her character has her own questionable reasons for taking the job—and it looks like she taking no prisoners.We’re excited to see her special brand of comedy combined with Hart’s. The trailer gives us a sneak-peak of the interaction that’s to come and it’s a match made in comedy heaven. The two can be seen squaring off several times—Haddish’s character even goes so far as to diagnose Hart as “clinically dumb,” or as he refers to it, “the gift that keeps on giving”.

Cue several clips featuring a racially tone deaf principal played by SNL alum Taran Killam, an epic dance-off between Hart and Haddish, and a fight involving a belt and a…chicken suit? Rob Riggle and Romany Malco round out the cast. The trailer promises an explosion of funny. But what else can you expect when you bring together two comedic powerhouses like Hart and Haddish? That has a nice ring to it. Can we get a comedy special together please?

Night School is set to be released in theaters September 28. Check out the trailer for a sneak-peak of some of the antics to come.


Kabira Barlow