Behold The Final Trailer for John Krasinski’s Critically Acclaimed Horror A Quiet Place

You know you’ve got a hot horror film on your hands when the genre loving, horror obsessed SXSW crowd showers your movie with love. This is a festival that really digs its horror films, and John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place opened this year’s SXSW in a big way. Here’s how Rolling Stone‘s David Fear (the perfect byline) reported on how Krasinki’s film was received:

“‘Opening-night film selections should be fun!” exclaimed Janet Pierson, head honcho of the SXSW Film Festival, as she kicked off the event Friday night. And judging from the opening minutes of the fest’s selection, director John Krasinki’s A Quiet Place, that goal was achieved – assuming, of course, that your idea of fun includes hyperventilating, biting your nails to the quick and potentially soiling yourself.”

We like doing some of those things while watching a great horror! Now Paramount has released the final trailer for Krasinski’s formally inventive, cleverly conceived film (the reason the place is quiet is because the things that go bump in the night have especially sensitive hearing, so to stay alive you have to keep your mouth shut), and it does a terrific job in just over a minute highlighting why critics and the SXSW crowd loved the movie so much. It also reminds you that the best place to a film like this is in a crowded theater, where your screams will at least be part of a chorus.

A Quiet Place was written by Krasinski, Bryan Woods, and Scott Beck, and stars Krasinski and the great Emily Blunt (his wife in real life) as a married couple with kids, living in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are terrorized by the aforementioned sensitively attuned creatures that hunt by only using sound. The plaudits are no joke: the film’s sitting at a 100% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes, giving us the impression that A Quiet Place might be the year’s first breakout horror.

Check out the final trailer below, and put A Quiet Place‘s April 6 premiere on your radar, if you’re into being scared senseless.

Featured image: Left to right: Emily Blunt plays Evelyn Abbott and Millicent Simmonds plays Regan Abbott in A QUIET PLACE, from Paramount Pictures.


Bryan Abrams

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