First Marrowbone Trailer Pits Orphans Against the Sinister Forces of one Terrible House

Marrowbone looks like your classic haunted house tale, but with a few added personal touches that give the film a delicious twist. The first trailer gives us a glimpse of the world that the film’s writer and director Sergio G. Sanchez has created, which tells the story of four orphaned siblings (the Marrowbones) who have just moved into a new home after the death of their mother.

The siblings have kept the death of their mother a secret so that they won’t be forced to separate from one another, and for a little while, it looks like they might just get their wish. We watch them fixing up their new home and even spending time together at the beach—good times! Yet threats loom on the horizon as the possibility of them being torn apart lingers. Separation seems like the worst possible outcome, until they become aware of more sinister forces lurk in the dark. The increasingly creepy elements include unknown footsteps coming from the attic, a window that looks like a bullet was shot through it, creaky floorboards that seem perfect for hiding things that don’t want to be found, and a hidden room. Oh, and  creepy dolls of the siblings turn up. Dolls—never a good sign in a horror film.

Extra suspense is added with artful shots of the siblings running away from something or someone in the house and in the forest. The first trailer leaves viewers in suspense of what’s to come and how the siblings will fair in their new home.

Marrowbone will be released in theaters, on demand and on streaming services on April 13.

Featured image: The Marrowbone Trailer Featuring MacKay, Taylor-Joy, Heaton & Goth


Kabira Barlow