Paddington 2 Earns a Perfect Score on Rotten Tomatoes

Paddington, who prides himself on diligent hygiene, is certified as the freshest bear in town. Paddington 2, to be exact, has earned a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with nearly 200 ratings. Only four films have passed the test of getting over 100 positive reviews, so this is indeed a big accomplishment for a bear.

Paddington 2 falls more than 15 years after the last family film to earn the prestigious title. Toy Story 2 that introduced the popular cowgirl, Jessie (Joan Cusack), first snagged the honor in 1999. The only other titles to join the ranks are Man on Wire and Things to Come.

Ever humble, Paddington wouldn’t make a fuss about the score, but the film’s Twitter page did note that it’s receiving critical praise.

San Diego Reader critic Matthew Lickona said, “It may be difficult to find a review of director and co-writer Paul King’s followup to [Paddington] that does not employ some form of the word “charming.” This is right and just, and the achievement is surely harder than the devoted cast makes it look.”

NPR’s Andrew Lapin adorably praised, “This bear is constantly striving to earn the approval of the humans in his life. One day, maybe we can all be worthy of his.”

Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water) and Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey) return as Paddington’s (Ben Whishaw) guardians, The Browns. After foiling Millicent’s (Nicole Kidman) dastardly plans in the original, Paddington now faces off against thief and master of disguise, Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant).

Paddington 2 is in theaters now and comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on March 12.

Featured Image: Paddington voiced by BEN WHISHAW in the family adventure “PADDINGTON 2,” from Warner Bros. Pictures and STUDIOCANAL, in association with Anton Capital Entertainment S.C.A., a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures


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