Martin Freeman Makes Us Believe in the Paranormal in Ghost Stories Trailer

There’s no blood or gore in the new Ghost Stories trailer, but you can almost feel the chilling hauntings pulse off the screen. Although nothing specifically horrific pops up, things are definitely not right.

Based on the popular stage play by Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson, Nyman adapts his starring role for the big screen. Nyman plays a staunch skeptic, Professor Phillip Goodman, who tries to debunk paranormal reports. When he receives a mysterious challenge on tape to investigate three hauntings, things go awry. Are the unsettling visions real, or are people only seeing what they want to see? Goodman finds it becomes increasingly difficult to debunk the claims.

Martin Freeman (Fargo, Sherlock Holmes) plays one of the believers. Freeman seems pretty unflappable, so if he swears by a paranormal experience, we’re incline to believe him. And seriously, what is up with that blanket? He and others who have had similar sightings seemed scared out of their wits as they explain the circumstances. As the mysteries deepens, however, they seem possessed themselves and might be leading a new victim toward the evil. The trailer is aided by flashing frames of disturbing images and causes plenty of jump scares that will but you on edge.

The tagline aptly warns, “Be careful what you believe.” Much like Hitchcock’s plea to not tell friends about the twist in Psycho, the play version of Ghost Stories was accompanied by a request to “keep the secrets.” Although the movie doesn’t have such a disclaimer, we suspect the surprises from the original script will make it into the film.

Ghost Stories premieres in the UK April 13, so we hope to see a US release soon after.

Featured Image: Martin Freeman and Andy Nyman in Ghost Stories. Courtesy: Lionsgate


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