Lock All the Doors Before Watching This Insidious: The Last Key Clip

The holiday rush has come and gone, so what could be better than curling up on a cold day and getting scared out of your mind. Insidious: The Last Key creeps into theaters tomorrow, and the previews are deeply disturbing. The scare tactics are pretty classic and prove that some fears never go out of style.

The Last Key resurrects franchise favorite, Elise Ranier (Lin Shaye), who was offed in the series’ original. The latest film goes back in time to see Ranier investigating paranormal activity at her childhood home. It’s clear she was tormented there in her youth, and I’m not sure why anyone would go back. There are dark scary corners, dead bodies you can’t see with the naked eye, and evil entities that pop up out of nowhere.

Here’s the latest clip, shared by IGN, that will make you wish you were anywhere but here and yet, you can’t look away. A little girl peers through a keyhole as phantom voices call to her. The old fashioned keyholes are almost undoubtedly portals to hell as the creepy demon wields skeleton keys at the end of its long, freaky fingers. In a total no-don’t-do-it horror movie moment, she slips the key in and the rotting corpse hand appears. So, yeah. Don’t watch this clip if you have any intention of sleeping over the next week or so.

If you couldn’t handle that clip, tread lightly on YouTube. Insidious has some even more startling 15 second ads on the video platform right now that you can’t skip. Stumbling across one last night is the reason I’m on my third latte this morning.

Insidious: The Last Key opens in theaters everywhere tomorrow.

Featured Image: Spencer Locke in Insidious: The Last Key. Photo Credit: Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures.


Kelle Long

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