This new Behind-the-Scenes Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Video has us Excited

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s plot details have finally been unearthed, and as we predicted after seeing this teaser, they’re centered on a volcano erupting on Isla Nublar, the home of the resurrected dinosaurs. These details were further explained by star Bryce Dallas Howard in Entertainment Weekly, who plays Jurassic World employee Claire Dearing. When we first met Claire in Jurassic World, she was the park’s chief operations manager, more concerned with growing revenues than park safety or security. Obviously, Claire went through a major metamorphosis after the events in that film (Indominus Rex played a big part in her change of heart), and when Fallen Kingdom opens, we find a very different woman; she’s the founder of the Dinosaur Protection Group, and her mission is to get the dinosaurs off Isla Nublar before they’re eradicated by the volcano. In order to do this, she needs the help of Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), and so the two of them embark on an adventure to save their colossal friends. (Note: when we left them in Jurassic World, they seemed to be about to start dating…guess we’ll find out why that didn’t work out.)

Now, Universal has released a new behind-the-scenes trailer, giving us the longest look yet at the film. For the first time in the Jurassic franchise, there’s a threat even greater than human hubris, genetic tinkering or dinosaur teeth.  Marrying a natural disaster action-adventure film to the dinosaurs-run-amok excitement that has fueled this franchise ensures that Fallen Kingdom will take a beloved staple of this series and ratchet it up to the nth degree—wall-to-wall running, for people and beasts alike. Thanks to the volcano, there’s also going to more explosions in Fallen Kingdom than in all the previous Jurassic films combined. Director J.A. Bayona, a skilled artist at both conjuring massive scares (The Orphanage) and breathtaking visuals (A Monster Calls) seems well suited for the material, and the new moments you’ll see in this trailer speak to his desire to make Fallen Kingdom the most frightening film in the franchise.

Scripted by Jurassic World’s director and screenwriter, Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly respectively, Fallen Kingdom introduces a bunch of new characters, played by James Cromwell, Rafe Spall and Justice Smith to name a few, and brings back returning champion Jeff Goldblum, reprising his role as the brilliant, eccentric Ian Malcom.

Finally, one of the coolest parts of this behind-the-scenes look is the incredible array of animatronic dinosaurs deployed for the film. The Jurassic franchise has long married practical effects to their groundbreaking digital work, and from what ew’ve seen so far, Fallen Kingdom looks like it could be really, really good.

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom hits theaters June 22, 2018, but you can check back in with us tomorrow when the official trailer drops.


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