Taika Waititi Imagines a Hilarious Opening Scene Spin-off for a Potential Thor 4

Fresh off of Thor: Ragnarok’s hugely successful box-office weekend, director Taika Waititi has already begun dreaming of opening scene ideas for a potential fourth film (which we anxiously hope they do!).

Caution Spoilers Ahead!

Although the film is full of hilarious scenes, unarguably one the funniest moments happens at the start of the movie, when actors Luke Hemsworth (yup, Chris’s brother, currently on HBO Westworld), Matt Damon and Sam Neill make memorable cameo appearances disguised as members of the famous Asgardian family. Once Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, returns to Asgard, he encounters what appears to be his father, Odin, sitting comfortably on the royal throne watching a play that recreates the super galactic adventures the two brothers have had in the previous films. Naturally, this play seems to suggest that Loki is the true hero, and even more naturally (for the God of Mischief), Odin actually is Loki. This short play was a humorous and creative way of informing viewers of the pivotal events that happened in the previous installment, Thor: The Dark World.

When Waititi was asked whether Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor Laura Dern could be featured in an onscreen appearance alongside former Jurassic Park co-stars Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, he stated, “It would be awesome if we somehow got Laura Dern in there…All of them go back and do the play again. It’s a new play about Asgard’s destruction. That might be a good way to start the film.” io9 reports.  

Laura Dern playing Cate Blanchet’s role as the villain Hela, along-side Neill and Goldblum, would be perfection. I just hope that out of this star studded trio, there’s still room for Matt Damon to reprise his famed role as Loki in the comedic reenactment.

All we can do is keep our fingers crossed for a fourth installment so that we can see this amazing idea come to life on the big screen.


Dayna Weintraub

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