R.I.P. Mjolnir: Say Goodbye to Thor’s Hammer With These 2 Video Memorials

Mjolnir is to Thor what the vibranium shield is to Captain America. It’s more than just a weapon, it’s a symbol, and in Thor’s case, he believed his hammer was the source of his power. Marvel made it clear from the very first teasers for Thor: Ragnarok that Mjolnir wasn’t going to survive the film. In fact, Hera (Cate Blanchett), the Goddess of Death, makes quick work of destroying Thor’s beloved weapon in the early going. This is a deeply traumatic experience for poor Thor, one that his new friend, the rock monster/warrior Korg (voiced by director Taika Waititi) intuitively grasps is about much more than losing a mere object.

If you don’t happen to have an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema by you, that means you missed out on seeing Barcelona based video remix artist Eclectic Method’s incredible “Thor’s Hammer Beats” on the big screen. Do not fear, however, as we’ve embedded the video for you below. Fair warning—Eclectic Method’s method, at least in this video, seems to be an attempt to give you a seizure…but in a good way! It’s an inspired celebration of Mjolnir, arguably the most recognizable prop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, save for Cap’s shield. We’ve also embedded Marvel’s own video, “R.I.P. Mjolnir,” which includes the hilarious moment between Thor and Korg, when the former tries to explain his relationship to his hammer to the latter, which leads to some pretty profound misunderstandings (before Korg nails it).

Will Mjolnir be back for Avengers: Infinity War? It’s unclear. We won’t spoil what Thor finds out about his hammer at the end of Ragnarok for those of you who haven’t seen the film, but there’s a decent chance we’ve either seen the last of Thor’s hammer, or, he’ll be brandishing some new, possibly improved version in the upcoming films.

For now, though, let’s pay our respects to Mjolnir, the source of pain for many a Thor/Avenger foe, and the source of many jokes between the Avengers themselves. Thor used to love taunting his fellow superheroes who tried and failed to lift Mjolnir by reminding them that only someone the hammer deems worthy can lift it. Cap couldn’t, neither could Iron Man, and even Hulk failed. Then this guy made it look easy.


Bryan Abrams

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