Miguel Visits the Land of the Dead in New Coco Clip

The official Día de los Muertos festivities wrapped up yesterday, but Coco is on the way to keep the celebration going. Pixar released a dazzling new clip form the film to keep us in the spirit until the film is released.

They already shared with us a clip of Miguel’s life in Mexico, and established that he and his Abuela are clearly at odds over the young man’s love of music. Now we get an extended look at the mystic Land of the Dead where Miguel will travel. The golden, glittering neon colors are truly magical. Miguel’s perro, Dante, makes himself at home and leads the pair to a beautiful view of the bustling city that climbs into the sky. Miguel is just as astounded by the beauty and mystery as we are. His skeletal guides help him to learn about life and life after death.

We only hear seconds of the music, but Michael Giacchino’s score is soaring. There is hardly a more emotional composer around and the research the filmmakers did to make the music, story, and visuals authentic really pays off.

Coco looks like another slam dunk for the animation pioneers at Pixar. Everything about this film is whimsical and inviting. We suspect it will also be emotionally complex as is the Pixar tradition. We cannot wait to take the journey with Miguel and hope he makes some beautiful music along the way.

Gael García Bernal, Anthony Gonzalez, Benjamin Bratt, and Sofía Espinosa lead the talented cast. Celebrate the story of family with yours when Coco comes to theaters November 22.

Featured Image: Coco Courtesy: Disney/Pixar



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