Jessica Chastain Confirms She’s Interested in Playing IT‘s Beverly Marsh

Jessica Chastain is getting everyone’s hopes up that she’ll appear in the It sequel. The casting is so perfect that we couldn’t stand being let down at this point.

With the spectacular success of It this year, there was never any doubt that Part 2 would come soon after. Stephen King’s massive story follows the Loser’s Club into adulthood and the final battle with the evil alien entity that feeds on fear. Naturally, conversations immediately started to turn toward casting the adult roles of the characters created by the talented young cast. Most talked about thus far has been the potential for Jessica Chastain to play the role of Beverly Marsh, and it looks like the rumors may come true.

While promoting Molly’s Game, Chastain confirmed her interest in the role, and working with director Andy Muschetti and producer Barbara Muschetti, to Screen Rant.

“Listen, of course, I want to work… they’re my friends. They’re like my family. Anything that they’re doing I want to be a part of, so I hope we can make it happen,” Chastain said.

Chastain is known for taking on strong and dynamic roles, and Bev is about as tough as they come. Having endured horrible abuse and some of the worst that Pennywise has to offer, Bev exudes bravery through the whole ordeal. It seems like a perfect fit for the bold and confident actress.

Chastain already has a good working relationship with Muschetti. She played a mother plagued by an evil paranormal spirit in the chilling horror flick Mama, directed by Muschetti in 2013.

“It depends. There’s a lot of depends on that one. I love Andy and Barbara. I did their first film; they’re like family to me. But,” Chastain told The Wrap. “There’s a lot of variables in this question that need to be answered first.”

Chastain is a world class actress, but she would probably agree that the bar for Bev’s performance has been set extremely high. Sophia Lillis played the teenage version of the character in Part 1, and she completely killed it. The pressure will be on for whoever is cast in the role to match Lillis’ caliber.

Featured Image: (L-R) JAEDEN LIEBERHER as Bill Denbrough and SOPHIA LILLIS as Beverly Marsh in New Line Cinema’s horror thriller “IT,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. © 2017 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. AND RATPAC-DUNE ENTERTAINMENT LLC.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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