Final Coco Trailer is a Lovely Celebration of Family

Everything we’ve seen from Coco has captured our hearts and each clip is more exciting than the last. We previously caught a glimpse of Miguel’s family and the magical Land of the Dead. We are so glad that the wait is almost over to see this whimsical celebration. The final trailer puts all of the fantastical elements together into an explosion of sound, color and fun.

Miguel is an adorable star filled with curiosity, ambition and pride that we can tell we’ll really be rooting for. His family dynamic is warmly relatable and the magical Land of the Dead lights up the screen. In a truly endearing moment that is so simple, yet so true, Miguel illustrates the miracle of growing up by telling his great grandmother Coco how fast he has become. He’s clearly growing up, but it’s an excitement and wonder than only a child can possess.

Miguel goes in search of his musical destiny and discovers ancestors who will lead him on his way. We suspect that Coco may help lead him to the Land of the Dead. We aren’t sure how or when the two worlds will connect, but it’s guaranteed to be emotional.

Coco is a vivid exploration of Mexican culture that truly brings Día de los Muertos to life. The score by Michael Giacchino (Up, Rogue One) has already captured our imagination and channels Miguel’s rich heritage. Pixar has a history of presenting emotionally complex stories, so we’re packing the tissues for this one.

Coco is in theaters to watch with your family November 22.

Featured Image: Coco Courtesy: Pixar/Disney



Kelle Long

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