Chicago is Under Attack from Mutant Animals in Rampage Trailer

The grown up versions of the monsters in the 1980s arcade game Rampage are way more frightening than their 8 bit inspiration in the new movie trailer. In the game, players tried to destroy as much of the city as they could as overgrown animals, but the movie makes Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) the hero who tries to save Chicago.

Yesterday was the first glimpse we got of albino silverback gorilla, George, who grows dozens of feel tall when he touches an alien capsule. The trailer is our first look at a full body shot of the gentle giant before and after his growth spurt. The anger issues he develops with the physical change make him a target for destruction, and the connection between George and Okoye is surprisingly emotional. Dwayne Johnson trying to calm the frightened ape with comforting sign language is heart melting.

George isn’t the only victim of the genetic alterations. “Oh, you didn’t know about the 30-foot wolf?” Jeffrey Dean Morgan smirks smugly. He’s right, though. There’s a giant wolf that can leap through the air and take down a helicopter which is scary and cool. Morgan oozes villainy and looks good doing it. Let’s be real, we can never forgive him for being Negan, so he might as well settle into the bad guy role for a while.

Last, but not least, is a gargantuan lizard that emerges menacingly from the Chicago River and this is right about where I tap out. That thing has way too many teeth. Johnson calls it a “giant crocodile” but this is some sort of mutant reptile that I would definitely choose as my avatar if I were trying to win a game that involves destroying a city.

Naomi Harris plays a scientist with the answers to the enormous problem. Joe Manganiello also stars as Burke, but he doesn’t get many lines in the trailer. He does, however, get a lot of heavy artillery. With the aim of total mayhem in mind, this movie looks promising. You can check out the trailer on YouTube, or likely see it in theaters this weekend.

Rampage stomps into theaters April 20.

Featured Image: Dwayne Johnson in Rampage. Courtesy: Warner Bros.



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