The Walking Dead Celebrates Episode 100 With Movie Poster Mash-Ups

TV shows have reached movie level quality from Game of Thrones to Stranger Things to Fargo and a dozen other examples. Among this field of exceptional quality, The Walking Dead, stands out for effects, cinematography, makeup, and storytelling.

The incredible series, now entering its 8th season, remains one of the highest watched shows on television and is celebrating episode 100 on October 22. If it were a movie, The Walking Dead would absolutely stand among some of the best horror, action, drama, and fantasy films of all time. Co-executive producer Greg Nicotero decided to mark the show’s milestone by paying homage to some of the films that inspired his career. These all rank among our favorites too.

Nicotero challenged his friends at KNB EFX Group, the company he co-founded, to rework some iconic movie posters with a Walking Dead theme. The results are worthy of any bedroom wall. The creatives insert the show’s characters and even transformed the taglines of classics like Alien, Back to the Future, and The Exorcist. One of the mashups turns Rick into Indiana Jones. Can we order that reboot? The oldest throwback was inserting Michonne into the original 1932 version of The Mummy replacing the likeness of Zita Johann.

We won’t give away every poster in case you’d like to try to guess for yourself. Read the whole thing as some of these taglines are pretty brilliant. Replacing Jack Nicholson’s axe in The Shining with Negan’s Lucille is a personal favorite. Here are some of the best, and check out the whole series over at THR.

Courtesy of Michael Broom and John Wheaton

Courtesy of Michael Broom and John Wheaton

Courtesy of Michael Broom and John Wheaton

Courtesy of Michael Broom and John Wheaton

Courtesy of Michael Broom and John Wheaton

The Walking Dead returns October 22.

Featured Image: Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead Photo by Gene Page/AMC


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