This is Possibly the Most Joyous Press Junket Interview of All Time

For a film the size of Blade Runner 2049, coming from a major studio (Warner Bros.) with huge stars and a ton of excitement, press junkets last a long, long, long time. These folks do so many interviews that you can understand when one comes off a little sluggish, and on top of that, they’re flying all over the place and cramming in as many of these interviews a day as possible. While a junket interview can be a relatively stilted affair, that is not the case for this insanely joyous exchange between stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling and This Morning host Alison Hammond. Part of this comes from how funny, and honest, Hammond is, and part comes from what a goofy mood Ford and Gosling are in. A big part is the chemistry all around; Gosling and Ford seem to geniunely like each other, and Hammond’s got charisma and charm to spare. 

The 4-minute interview is chock-a-block with laughter. It’s that rare junket stop in which everyone seems to be really enjoying the moment, thanks in large part to Hammond’s immediate admission to having never seen the original Blade Runner. The two stars, probably fairly exhausted (the interview took place in London) perk up the second Hammond starts chatting. The host immediately poses the question we just asked; how do you interview stars of a movie when you can’t actually talk about that movie?

Enjoy this, folks, because its wonderful. And in case you just returned from space or a months-long yoga retreat (we’re jealous), Blade Runner 2049 opens wide tomorrow, October 6.


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