Wonder Woman 2 Director Patty Jenkins Taps The Expendables Screenwriter

All is right in the Wonder Woman 2 world now that director Patty Jenkins has been confirmed to return (she signed a deal that makes her the highest paid female director of all time). With Jenkins back in the top spot, the Wonder Woman 2 creative team is being assembled, Justice League-like, to ensure that the sequel matches and hopefully surpasses the world-beating original. It’s a tall order, but one Warner Bros. and DC FIlms’ are happy to have to fill. The latest addition to the team is The Expendables co-writer Dave Callaham, who has signed on to join Jenkins and screenwriter Geoff Johns to pen the sequel. 

Jenkins hand Callaham have worked together previously, and apparently enjoyed the experience a lot. They were prepping Jackpot, an English language adaptation of the Jo Nesbo novel, which Jenkins was going to direct before she was chosen to helm Wonder Woman.  The Hollywood Reporter writes that Jenkins and Johns have been hard at work on a treatment for Wonder Woman 2 for a few months already, and now Callaham will jump on board and craft the script. 

Of course little is known about what the story will be, but previously Jenkins has discussed taking Wonder Woman out of Europe and setting her down in America, exploring the many adventures the Amazonian warrior had before she ended up teaming up with Batman and the Justice League. 

Callaham’s credits also include working on the story for Gareth Edwards‘ Godzilla, the script for Zombieland 2, a rewrite on Universal’s The Wolf Man, and a ton of projects in development. He’s the executive producer and writer on the Jean-Claude Van Johnson TV series for Amazon, which will bring Jean-Claude Van Damme back, playing a global martial arts star and actor who moonlights as a private contractor. 

No job, however, is quite as big as following up the first ever stand-alone superhero film for Wonder Woman, and there is no doubt Callaham will bring everything he’s got to make sure the next installment of her story is anything but expendable. 

Featured image: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Patty Jenkins on the set of Wonder Woman. Courtesy Warner Bros. 


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