Here’s What Happens When You Call That Phone Number in The Disaster Artist Trailer

A longstanding icon of the Los Angeles skyline that has been both mocked and revered in its time was recently recreated. No, it’s not the Hollywood sign. We’re talking about the infamous billboard for cult classic The Room. The original signage touting the film that’s been called “the worst movie of all time” featured star and filmmaker Tommy Wiseau’s face. The film has become the subject of popular late night viewings and debate about its mysterious makings.

Thanks to new film The Disaster Artist based on The Room actor Greg Sestero’s book, the billboard has been almost exactly reprinted with James Franco’s face replacing Wiseau’s. One thing that hasn’t changed is the phone number urging motorists to “RSVP.”

We called the number and after ringing twice, it plays a recording of Wiseau’s voice sending callers to and Both URLs are still live and you can pick up some pretty swanky The Room threads and other merchandise. You can try for yourself at (323)654-6192. Don’t expect to be able to leave a message, though. The mailbox is full.

It’s a pretty clever marketing idea from The Disaster Artist team. Hollywood is filled with movie billboards competing to catch your eye and longtime residents will be in on the joke for this one. Wiseau’s original billboard stood for 5 years which is an estimated cost of $300,000 on top of a $6 million movie budget. Wiseau has been mum about much of his personal life so it’s unknown how he afforded such an endeavor. You can see the updated version in the trailer at 1:32.

The Disaster Artist has been getting fantastic reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival and will be released in theaters on December 1. 


Kelle Long

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