Blade Runner 2049 Short Film Focuses on Dave Bautista’s Sapper

The second of three Blade Runner 2049 short films, consider them mini prequels produced by director Denis Villeneuve and directed by artists he handpicked, connect Ridley Scott’s original film to Villeneuve’s sequel. We’ve already shared this short film, that fleshed out (a bit, anyway) Jared Leto’s replicant creator Niander Wallace, who appears to be the film’s main villain. In this new short, directed by Luke Scott, we get a bit more information on Sapper, played by Dave Bautista. 

A year before Villeneuve’s 2049 opens, the short reveals that Sapper is in the process of trying to rebuild his life. Or better yet, leave one life behind and start a new one. While Bautista is one of the funniest characters in Guardians of the Galaxy as the overly literal Drax, here you see a new, more nuanced side of the big guy. Granted, Bautista’s Sapper is shown to be plenty powerful, but there’s more to his character than brute force. 

The short gives us a brief, intimate look at Sapper, and how he connects to the events of 2049. Warner Bros. is doing something special here, giving us original material, material that won’t actually be in the film, to both whet our appetites and build some suspense around their film. This helps them avoid the trap of giving away too much in trailers and teasers, and lets the actors and filmmakers flex some of their creative muscle in the process.

Bautista joins Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Barkhad Abdi, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Lennie James, and Mackenzie Davis in Blade Runner 2049, which opens on October 6.


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