Watch this Adorable Homemade Recreation of the Thor: Ragnorak Trailer

Marvel made a brilliant decision when they tapped New Zealand director Taika Waitit to helm Thor: Ragnarok.  The trailers have looked so good—both funny and exciting—that they’ve broken some pretty significant viewing records. However, Hungarian filmmaker Ákos Varga has proved that you don’t need a supersized budget to make an incredible trailer. All it takes is some markers and whole lot of cardboard.

Varga and his friends recreated the entire trailer shot for shot. It’s adorable and unbelievably accurate. They have artfully recreated iconic shots, like Hela catching Thor’s hammer and Loki teaming up with Thor. The best part has to be the excellent sport who plays the Hulk in green facepaint a giant cardboard box. 

There’s not a stitch of CG or special effects of any kind. They might have been working with a considerably smaller budget, but the creativity is unlimited. At first glance, it may look like their efforts are somewhat lower quality, but the mastery of using everyday objects is genius. The scenes are incredibly detailed and they have used a variety of techniques to get the right scale for every shot. This is definitely going to inspire people everywhere to get back out there and make homemade movies like we used to.

In case you can’t tell them apart, THIS is the original Marvel trailer:

And THIS is the homemade masterpiece:

Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters November 3, and we hope the homemade recreation is delivered soon after.


Kelle Long

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