The Walking Dead Celebrates its 100th Episode

When The Walking Dead returns this October, the premiere will also mark the series’ hundredth episode. A hoped-for milestone for all shows, the cast took a moment to commemorate the occasion with a video, released by AMC. Featuring quirky and personal tributes from many of the main cast, the video is a testament to the show’s monumental success. Cast members reflect on everything from the show’s longevity, to their surprise that their character has endured the inhospitable world of The Walking Dead for so long.

Much of the video is dedicated to one of the critical components to any show’s success: the supportive fan base. The Walking Dead is known for its rabid, devoted, and vocal fans who can be seen prowling conventions dressed like the zombies the show is named for. Indeed, fan input has influenced character arcs, and story progression over the course of the past seven seasons. This video only serves to underscore just how close the relationship between the show’s success and its fans is.

With its eighth season drawing closer, and its fans showing no signs of flagging interest, The Walking Dead has long since cemented a place for itself among television staples. Well worth a watch for fans, this tribute video might just recruit some non-fans to the show’s cause. If nothing else, the video is a jarring reminder that Andrew Lincoln, who plays lead character Rick Grimes, is – in fact – British. For those contemplating binge-watching in preparation for the eighth season, it premieres on October 22.

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