Viserion’s Uncertain Fate in Game of Thrones

Last night’s battle beyond the wall still has our heads spinning. Perhaps the most memorable moment though, came in the very last second of the very last scene…Spoilers ahead…

The Ice Dragon now lives. And many feelings (and many questions) were brought to the surface with it.

We always knew the mother of dragons would likely have to sacrifice at least one of them in her quest to take the Iron Throne. Still, it was an emotional scene as the Night King effortlessly took down Viserion with his ice spear, and the beast fell into the frozen abyss – our hearts sinking with it.

Viserion’s transformation raised quite a few questions:

Will Viserion breathe fire or ice? What exactly does an ice breathing dragon look like? Will this mean Viseron will spray an obliterating blast of freezing air that’ll freeze the Night King’s foes?

Viseron and Rhaegal, in happier times. Courtesy HBO.

Will Viserion’s yellow skin turn to pale blue? His eyes were the first thing to make the transformation.

Viseron post Night King touch. Courtesy HBO.

Does Viserion serve as the ultimate tool to take the Night King’s army past the wall?

Setting his sights on the ultimate prize. Courtesy HBO

Will the Night King ride Viserion?

The Night King (Vladimir Furdik) now has the ultimate weapon.

Will we see a battle between Viserion and Drogon (of ice and fire)? If so, will Dany and the Night King ride on the backs during this showdown?

Drogon flies, mourning his brother.  Emilia Clarke. Photo: courtesy of HBO​

How did no one, especially Jon, not see this coming?

Kit Harington. Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Viserion’s fate is largely uncertain, but we are sure it will won’t end well for everyone in Westeros. A battle between the Night King atop Viseron and Dany atop Drogon seems inevitable.