This New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Gives us our First Real Look at the Story

We are getting so close to seeing Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049, the long-awaited sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 iconic original. A new trailer just released gives us the most plot-focused look yet at the film, with special attention paid to Jared Leto’s Niander Wallace, the film’s villain.

We are finally able to piece some of Hampton Fancher and Michael Green’s plot together (with the gorgeous cinematography of Roger Deakins, you could be excused for just enjoying looking at these trailers without ingesting what’s going on in them), which centers around Officer K (Ryan Gosling) needing to find Rick Dekcard (Harrison Ford) to help stop Niander Wallace from creating an army out of his replicants. It looks as if some of the keys to successfully defeating Wallace are inside Deckard’s memory, but as soon as Officer K finds him, they’re located and hunted. Blade Runner 2049 looks like much more of a chase picture than we anticipated, one in which our heroes are out numbered and out gunned.

Another intriguing addition to the 2049 cast is Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista, who plays a man (or replicant) named Sapper. In footage we have seen before, Sapper attacks Officer K, who seems to have found him against Sapper’s will, indicating that Bautista’s character just might be a replicant. While the trailers make it seem like he’ll be a foe, this initial rough play might only be a misunderstanding, and perhaps Sapper can be of some use to K and Deckard.

We’ll find out soon—Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters on October 6. 


Bryan Abrams

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