Game of Thrones Episode 5 Images, Title “Eastwatch” Hints at the Arrival of the Night’s King

If you’re stil reeling from Game of Thrones episode 4, “Spoils of War,” join the club. We’re still trying to decide just how effective Dany’s Dothraki-and-dragon attack on the Lannister army was, consideirng the gold they captured from High Garden had already arrived at King’s Landing. What Dany’s torching of the remnants of Jaime’s soldiers will mean for the larger war will likely be part of what we learn in the upcoming fifth episode, titled “Eastwatch.” New images just released from HBO reveal that one of the results from that battle is likely an emotional one; Tyrion Lannister was there, safely removed from the carnage, watching as his brother was nearly killed. In the most striking image from next episode, Tyrion walks amongst the charred remains of the battle, and he appears fairly crushed. 

Episode 65 (season 7, episode 5), debut 8/13/17: Peter Dinklage. Photo: Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

The photos from episode five aren’t earth shattering—HBO is never going to release a photo that gives away a major moment in an upcoming episode, you know, something like this:

Courtesy HBO

Still, what these images do reveal is which characters will be featured as we race towards the show’s quickly approaching endgame. Daenerys, back at Dragonstone after laying waste to a portion of the Lannister army, workshopping the whole ‘bend the knee’ dialogue with Jon Snow looking; Varys and Tyrion looking vexed; Cersei in her royal bedroom, looking like a woman who has gained a throne but lost everything in the process; and Sam and Gilly at Oldtown, doing their crucial work at the Citadel.

As for the episode’s title, “Eastwatch”…recall that this is the name of the far-northern port, you know, the one that would like first come into contact with the White Walkers. Also recall that the last time we watched the Night’s King and his icy army murder living people, it was in another episode named after a northern place, “Hardhome.” It’s only a matter of time before the thing Jon keeps begging Dany to believe—that the White Walkers are real—presents itself to the non-believers. 

Episode 65 (season 7, episode 5), debut 8/13/17: Peter Dinklage, Conleth Hill. Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Episode 65 (season 7, episode 5), debut 8/13/17: Kit Harington. Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO​

Episode 65 (season 7, episode 5), debut 8/13/17: John Bradley, Hannah Murray. Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO​

Episode 65 (season 7, episode 5), debut 8/13/17: Lena Headey. Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO​

Featured image: Episode 65 (season 7, episode 5), debut 8/13/17: Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington. Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO


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