The End is Nigh: Avengers 4 Begins Filming

Production on the fourth Avengers film has begun, and the occasion was marked by the Russo Brothers posting an image of a gloved hand holding out four fingers. The title of the film has yet to even be released, as it gives away events in Marvel films that will premiere before this fourth installment in the Avengers lineup. Indeed, its predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War, does not even have an official trailer out.

The Russo Brothers’ Facebook page has lit up, and fans everywhere are trying to figure out who the glove in the image belongs to. With guesses and theories ranging from Captain America to Marvel villain Kang the Conqueror, it is clear that audience excitement for the film cannot be dampened, even by a two year wait.

As anyone familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows, this fourth Avengers film will wrap up the first three planned phases outlined by Marvel. Kevin Feige, the chief of Marvel Studios, has already commented on the trajectory of the vast family of films, saying that Infinity War could be seen as a kind of climax for the first three phases. He also discussed what could come beyond the fourth Avengers film, noting that audiences could expect something new, unlike what has been seen in the first three phases. While adding on a fourth phase is within the realm of possibility, it sounds as though Marvel Studios will also be looking at alternative options that exist beyond the storytelling structures already in place.

Marvel films have dominated pop culture for a decade now. No matter where the franchise goes after the fourth Avengers film, fans can be sure the future of the MCU will be exciting. After all, a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, and Vol. 3 of the Guardians of the Galaxy series are both due out after the fourth Avengers film. And we still have quite a bit of time before the third phase finishes; Infinity War premieres on May 4 of next year, with Avengers 4 appearing almost a full year after that, on May 3, 2019.