Watch This Exclusive Clip From Hickok

On June 12 we published our interview with Luke Hemsworth (Westworld) about Hickokhis starring turn playing the legendary outlaw-turned-lawman "Wild Bill" Hickok. The film opens in select theaters tomorrow, and follows the hard-drinking gunslinger as he tries recreate himself in 1870’s Abilene, Kansas. Yet when you're notorious for being the fastest draw in the world, your old life will likely catch up with you, especially when you decree that no one else can have those guns you're so good at using. It begins with Abilene's mayor, George Knox, (Kris Kristofferson) setting Hickok up as the town marshall. Going from gunslinger to law enforcer is a steep curve, and Hickok finds his attempts to protect Abilene eventually challenged by a rough band of outlaws, a bounty on his head, and town filled with new friends and foes alike. 

In this exclusive clip, Hickok tries to explain the thinking behind the new gun ordinance by showing a bar full of Abileners just how good he is with a pistol. The pitch he makes is simple; if anyone else can do what I just did, you can keep your gun, but if you can't, you must turn them over. It's an impressive display of gun skills, and the bar patrons are impressed, but there's someone else in the place who has his way with a weapon (maybe even more so than Hickok himself), proving that Abilene might not be the quiet, small town Hickok was hoping to retire to.

Directed by Timothy Woodward Jr, Hickok also stars Trace Adkins (Stagecoach, Traded, Deepwater Horizon), Oscar-nominee Bruce Dern (The Hateful Eight, Django Unchained, Nebraska), Cameron Richardson, Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereasu and Robert Catrini.

Hickok opens theatrically on July 7 in ten markets including Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg and Kansas City; and, day-and-date, it will also be available on demand and Digital HD.


Bryan Abrams

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