New Vignette Details Spidey Suit Upgrades in Spider-Man: Homecoming

It only this past Friday we were enjoying what we thought would be the last Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser to exclusively center on Peter Parker's (Tom Holland) enhanced Spidey suit, made for him by his new friend Tony Stark. Now, Sony Pictures has dropped his new vignette that goes into even greater detail about the capabilities Spider-Man will now enjoy that his previous predecessors, who lacked the Tony Stark connection, could have only dreamed of. These include surveillance technology, hundreds of different web combinations (web-tasers, web-grenades, etc.), enhanced combat mode, and, a bepoke little drone, quite adorable we might add, that detatches itself from Peter's suit and flies off to do recon.

In Jon Watts' film, Iron Man isn't Peter's only friend. Still in High School, Peter's best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) is the only one who knows what he's up to. One gets the feeling that Peter's high school crush, Michelle (Zendaya) and his aunt May (Marisa Tomei) will eventually find out what he does at night. The cast also includes Michael Keaton as the villain, the Vulture, Donald Glover, Logan Marshall-Green, Angourie Rice, Jon Favreau and Martin Starr.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.


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