New The Mummy Clips Show Tom Cruise in all Sorts of Trouble

This Friday, June 9, marks the premiere of Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy, a major release for Universal Pictures and the official first entry in their Dark Universe slate of films. Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and Sofia Boutella stars in the remake of the classic monster movie, and with the release just a few days away, you can bet that Universal will be putting maximum effort into their marketing up to Friday.

In the latest batch of clips they released, we get an introduction to Cruise’s Nick Morton and Jake Johnson's Chris Vail, who are pinned down on a roof by gunfire. What's notable here is the tone; there's humor mixed in with the action, and good chemistry between Cruise and Johnson. While The Mummy has historically been a horror/action film, this clip suggests there will be plenty of wit (and probably more action than horror.)

In this second clip we get the airplane crash scene that Universal has been teasing for some time now. This is the sequence that required a specialized plane so that Cruise, co-star Annabelle Wallis and the cast and crew could perform in zero G, a technical feat that required incredible teamwork from stunt professionals, Cruise and Wallis (who performed their own stunts) and whole crew to pull off. When the plane is crippled by a flock of birds, Cruise's Morton and Wallis's Jenny Halsey have to get on parachutes and jump out of the plane before it hits the ground. Only one of them doesn't make it out.

In the final clip, we're introduced to Russell Crowe's Dr. Henry Jekyll, and the Mummy herself, Sofia Boutella. Jekyll is the man who knows more about Boutella's Princess Ahmanet than anyone else, and it's been hinted that he'll play a big role in Universal's Dark Universe going forward. Dr. Jekyll is hiding a major secret, of course, one that will no doubt be revealed by the film's end.

Featured image: TOM CRUISE and ANNABELLE WALLIS in The Mummy. Photo Credit: Universal Pictures​



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