Watch 95 Glorious Minutes of Star Wars Weirdness in Epic Mixtape

Last Wednesday, May 25, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Star WarsWe took a look at the Stormtrooper who hit his head on the blast door, discussed the film's rough greeting when Lucas showed a cut to his friends and fellow filmmakers, and, teased you with this bizarre montage a few days before the anniversary of how much the franchise has shaped our culture. As we wrote about the montage, it came from Cinefamily, a Los Angeles theater that was screening their humorous archival footage of George Lucas’s world-beating franchise, which they'd be showing in its' entirety at their Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars event on May 25. Now that the event has come and gone, Cinefamily is sharing the entire thing, which we've embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Prepare yourself for some truly weird Star Wars related chicanery. This is 95-minutes of footage comprised of the very real impact Star Wars  has made on our culture, some of which is deeply odd, much of which is a little cringe worthy, and all of which is sort of awesome to behold. This might be something you wait to watch until you're home, and then only after a glass of wine. The cameos are endless and hilarious; Richard Pryor, Tony Danza, Mary Lou Retton, David Letterman, the cast and crew, Lucas himself, the list goes on and on. Star Wars characters have been popping up in commericals for years now, whether it's Obi Wan appearing in a Burger King commerical ("may the fries be with you"), Yoda also appearing in a Burger King commerical (and using Jedi mind tricks to steal a man's lunch), and C-3P0 and R2-D2 appearing just about everywhere. What makes it beautiful is how its clearly coming from a place of love, even if the love for the franchise has expressed itself in some really peculiar ways.





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