Prepare for the Star Wars 40th Anniversary With This Bizarre, Awesome Montage

Next week marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, which means there’s going to be all sorts of wonderful weirdness coming your way. There will be cos-play, screenings, video montages, mash-ups, and all sorts of galactic goofiness. To get in the mood, one Los Angeles theater has teased their upcoming celebration of George Lucas’s world-beating franchise with a very odd, and awesome, video montage. This is ahead of their Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars event on May 25, which will be a 70-minute mashup of the oddest Star Wars footage, covering the four decades of cultural saturation. Some of this stuff is NSFW, but all of it is entertaining. Have a look at the teaser:

You never knew you needed to hear Anthony Daniels rapping about C-3PO until you heard Anthony Daniels rapping about C-3PO.

Here’s bit more about the theater and the event:

"The Cinefamily was founded by a real serious group of media collectors, and we're always trying to find ways to harness and digest these materials in creative and fun ways," Hadrian Belove, the creative director of Cinefamily, told us. "We've done a lot of mix tapes on subjects we would do a 'deep dive' into: Cults, Bigfoot, Christploitation, video games, David Bowie, cats and so on.

With the 40th anniversary coming up, we wanted to give Star Wars the loving Cinefamily treatment and had a feeling it would be a great show. When you see such wild and esoteric footage that's based around such familiar, common imagery it's extra surreal and strange. What is more universal and global than the imagery of Star Wars? More people probably recognise Darth Vader than Jesus Christ. And there's something about Chewbacca speaking English and drunk Ewoks that really makes us laugh.
Tickets for the event are on sale now and can be found at this link. It will sell out very quickly. And if you can't make it, don't fret. There's a chance the mixtape will find its way online at some point.”


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