New Twin Peaks Trailer has Actual Footage From Upcoming Show!

If loose lips sink ships, than David Lynch is an admiral for the ages—no one working on his Twin Peaks revival has breathed a word about the show's plot, or anything else. That ethos has also, at least in part, been driving the marketing campaign. Twin Peaks is a mystery, after all, so it makes some sense that the promo material up to now has been so…mysterious. Each new bit of information, be it a photo or teaser (one of which had this information to impart—Lynch eats a donut) has given us so little in the way of plot details that all we can say for sure is that the show arrives on May 21 on Showtime. 

So with this new trailer, it’s yet another wordless affair, only at least now we’re seeing characters actually doing stuff, stuff that seems appropriately creepy and weird!

One interesting thing to note is Twin Peaks wasn't shot like a normal TV show. Instead of filming the season in episodic blocks, like more earthbound directors might, he shot the entire season as a single, massive 18 hour long movie. Then he decided where to create the episode breaks during the editing process. This is pure Lynch

Even Showtimte’s official synopsis is cagey: 

Widely considered one of the most groundbreaking and influential broadcast series of all time, TWIN PEAKS followed the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town who were stunned after their homecoming queen Laura Palmer was shockingly murdered. The town’s sheriff welcomed the help of FBI agent Dale Cooper, who came to town to investigate the case. As Cooper conducted his search for Laura’s killer, the town’s secrets were gradually exposed. The mystery that ensued set off an eerie chain of events that plunged the inhabitants of Twin Peaks into a darker examination of their very existence. Twenty-five years later, the story continues…

We'll find out what the hell is going on, finally, on May 21. We can't wait.


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