Mandy Moore is Sunk 47 Meters Down With Great Whites in new Trailer

As the weather gets warmer, we’re all starting to dream of summer. Summer also means summer movie season, and nothing says summer movies more than death-by-great-white-shark. That's why we're enjoying this new trailer about Mandy Moore’s and Claire Holt’s upcoming film 47 Meters DownBefore you dismiss director's Johannes Roberts film as purely sensational silliness, remember that every director who tackles a shark attack film was brought up in the Spielberg school of Jawsand as Jaume Collet-Serra proved in 2016's The Shallowsthere are plenty of intriguing new ways to tackle the genre that started the summer film phenomenon to begin with.

In 47 Meters Down, two sisters go on vacation to Mexico, trying to enjoy the beautiful and relaxing location. Obviously this can't last. They decide to go cage-diving, looking to appreciate the splendor of the ocean while also feeling some of the excitement from the potential risks, all safely tucked behind the metal bars of the cage. All goes well until their equipment malfunctions and they become stranded (yup, 47 meters down) with dwindling oxygen and the world's most lethal alpha predators—we're talking about multiple great white sharks—circle around our heroes and look to make them lunch.

Check out the new trailer for 47 Meters Down and be sure to catch the film on June 22. 

Featured image: Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) get up close and personal with sharks while cage diving in Mexico in 47 METERS DOWN. Photo credit: Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures