The Losers’ Club Clowns Around in the Worst Way in new IT Trailer

A sneak preview of Andres Muschietti’s It premiered on Sunday night at the MTV Movie and TV awards, following a few creepy teasers and photos we've seen over the past few weeks. The newest film adaptation of the Stephen King novel is not clowning around (apologies for that pun) as Pennywise the clown is one of the horror master's most iconic, unsettling monsters.

Taking place in the small town of Derry, Maine (King has been torturing the town of Derry his entire career), a group of outcasts (including Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, and Finn Wolfhard) form a friendship and dub themselves “the losers’ club”. During one of their adventures, the boys explore a sewer, which is where all the trouble starts. Poison ivy and dirty water quickly become the least of their worries as they make a chilling discovery and set into motion a battle with Derry's notorious, child-killing monsters. Things go from awful to let's buy a flight turn when they realize Pennywise has his sights set on them next. You'll never look at red balloons the same way again.

Check out the latest clip and stay tuned for more updates until the film’s release on September 8th.