Alien: Covenant Director Ridley Scott Thinks Aliens are Real & Deadly

Ridley Scott is one of the most prolific filmmakers of our time, directing iconic films such as Alien, Thelma & Louise, and Blade Runner. Looking through his credits, it is pretty obvious that he is intrigued by telling dystopian stories, stories that force their protagonists to make the ultimate sacrifice, and stories that look death right in the eye, whether death is in the form of an alien, the Grand Canyon, or The Martian landscape. So it might not come as a surprise to find out that Scott believes that if aliens are real (and he's pretty sure they are), if we are to come into contact with them, we'd better prepare for the worst.

In a recent interview with Sky News, Scott discussed his belief in aliens or as he calls them, “superior beings”. "So when you see a big thing in the sky, run for it. Because they are a lot smarter than we are, and if you are stupid enough to challenge them you will be taken out in three seconds."

These beliefs in aliens are not too far from the norm, as a 2015 YouGov poll claimed that over half of Americans, Britons, and Germans believe in extraterrestrial life. With so many people fascinated by the topic, Scott is definitely able to find bountiful amounts of fans for his work.

His upcoming film Aliens: Covenant will be coming to theatres on May 10th. Guess what? The aliens in the film want to kill us.


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