Watch Mark Hamill’s Touching Tribute to Carrie Fisher

Several months have already passed since Carrie Fisher’s heartbreaking death, yet the wounds left are still very raw. In Mark Hamill’s beautiful and emotional tribute to Carrie Fisher this past weekend at Star Wars Celebration, he told the audience about his inability to fully process and move on from his co-star and friend’s death. Hamill’s tribute to Carrie feels incredibly personal and intimate, and he spent about an hour talking about the luminescent energy that he had gotten to know so well over the years.

In talking about Carrie Fisher, everyone speaks about her uniqueness and mind-blowing presence. Hamill obviously feels no different. He says, “Certain people have a vitality and energy so strong that it reverberates far beyond their lack of physical presence.”

Hamill recounts stories dating back to when he and Carrie first met, astounded by her humor, wit, and “mad world of creativity”. He effortlessly moves through their history, laughing at the experiences he felt so fortunate to have.

Amongst all of his touching stories, Hamill chokes up as he rereads his statement he released after Carrie’s death, unsealing a lot of his sadness and grief. It is no secret that Fisher touched the lives of anyone she ever met, making everyone seem, as Hamill said, like they were her best friend.

Watch the full video below. You'll need tissues.