Pixar’s at it Again With Dante’s Lunch Easter egg

The hidden Easter eggs tycoons are at it again.

Last week we shared Pixar’s new short, Dante’s Lunch, which exists within the world of the upcoming feature-length film, Coco. It introduces us to the vibrant colors and whimsical nature that Coco will surely expand upon. We also meet Dante, the dog that will also appear in the full-length film.

The short itself is a promo for Coco—a “little appetizer until the movie comes out,” as director Lee Unkrich put it. But an even more hidden Easter egg hints at another Pixar project coming first.

Toward the end of the short, Dante races past a little boy eating an ear of corn on the cob—appropriately enough, the creators have lovingly dubbed him “corn boy.” But don’t let his corn or his festive, on-brand skull t-shirt distract from the quintessentially Pixar hidden gem: corn boy’s Velcro shoes are Lightning McQueen-inspired.

Unkrich even verified the Easter egg on Twitter.

Coco hits theaters November 22 and you can read up on Pixar’s love of Easter eggs here and here



Hannah Yasharoff

Hannah Yasharoff is a journalism major at the University of Maryland. She was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. You can follow her on Twitter: @HannahYasharoff