Find the Easter Egg and Unlock New Alien: Covenant Teaser

20th Century Fox dropped a clever new TV spot for Alien: Covenant that includes an Easter Egg that leads to a terrific new teaser (which itself includes a pretty major reveal).  In case you’re a little groggy this morning, we’ve decided to give you some help. First, here’s the TV spot:

Did you notice the hashtag at the end of the spot: #emohemekat. When you plug this into Instagram, you're lead to a post with the brand new Alien: Covenant teaser, which we've embedded below. What the heck is #emohemekat? It's "Take Me Home" in reverse, and the song playing throughout the teaser is John Denver's classic "Take Me Home, Country Roads." The new teaser gives us the very first nod at the sole surviving human at the end of Scott's PrometheusElizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), as Daniels (Katherine Waterston) finds her ID badge, and then, what appears to be a hologram of Shaw suffering some major bodily pain. 

The crew of the covenant have just landed on the planet that Shaw was setting out to find at the end of Prometheus. They are under the impression the planet is an uncharted paradise that they'll be populating and colonizing as a distant second home for people from Earth, but the place is no paradise. Far from it.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19, 2017.



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