Check out the new Teaser & Photos From Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Many of you saw and loved writer/director Matthew Vaughn’s surprise 2014 smash hit Kingsman: The Secret Service, which gave us Colin Firth as we’d never expected to see him (going berserker in a Church), Samuel L. Jackson as a lisping lunatic villain, and introduced us to budding stars Taron Egerton and Sofia Boutella. We’ve been waiting on word (and a trailer) for Vaughn’s sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, for quite a while now, and have finally gotten a tiny little taste of what’s to come, set at about light speed. Have a look:

The sequel’s ensemble cast is outrageous, and now includes more Americans thanks to the inclusion of an American secret agency called the Statesmen. The tech wizard leading the Statesmen is none other than Halle Berry, their leader is Jeff Bridges (who goes by Agent Champagne, or Champ), Pedro Pascal is Agent Whiskey, who teams up with Egerton’s Kingsman Eggsy in an effort to go after the big bad, Julianne Moore’s (we told you this cast was insane) Poppy.

L-r: Mark Strong and Halle Berry in ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle.’ Photo Credit: Giles Keyte. Courtesy 20th Century Fox

Jeff Bridges in ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle.’ Photo Credit: Giles Keyte. Courtesy 20th Century Fox​

Wait, there’s more. Channing Tatum is a member of the Statesmen (Agent Tequila). Vaughn told Empire Magazine that the Americans are no less financially secure than their dapper British counterparts:

“They’re multi-billionaires with huge jets, and their base is a giant distillery in Kentucky. We’ve got all this fun Americana and we’re combining it with the Englishness.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out on September 29.

Featured image: Channing Tatum in ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle.’ Photo Credit: Giles Keyte. Courtesy 20th Century Fox


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