See how They Built the Epic Brawl in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

We recently shared with you the incredible before-and-after video of how the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice VFX team built the film’s dark, layered look. While director Zack Snyder’s movie took some hits from critics, nearly all agreed that the film’s visual style was arresting. To help give Gotham and Metropolis this gritty, gorgeous look, the film needed more a lot of help. In this new video, we see how the post-production company MPC handled the film’s centerpiece sequence—the epic brawl between Batman and Superman, as well as the dust-up between Wonder Woman and Doomsday. 

The video gives you a much better sense of how much thought and effort went into even the tiniest detail in the film. While you’re enjoying watching two titans go toe-to-toe, you’re missing all the little flourishes, which are often hiding in plain sight, that fill out the background. What this video also reminds us is that even with how crucial CGI and post-production effects are, there’s still a whole lot of practical stunt work that goes into even these films, as there’s really no substitute for the thrill of real people using real force on camera. 

Your next chance to see these fellas fight (although we doubt it'll be with each other) will be in Justice Leaguewhich comes out on November 17, 2017.


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