The First Logan Clip Shows an Aging Wolverine

Earlier today, we shared the Logan spot that aired during last night's Super Bowl. With the film's release coming upon us in just a few weeks (March 3 to be exact), 20th Century Fox will be sharing more new footage from the film.

The latest is this minute-long clip that features Logan (Hugh Jackman) and a buddy (Eriq La Salle) get into a bit of a dust-up over La Salle's character's rights to be on a piece of property. These fellas have guns, so they figure they've clearly got the upper hand—a mistake many a man has made in the presence of a seemingly unarmed Wolverine.

While it's never a good idea to mess with Wolverine or his friends, this clip showcases once again how in Logan, he's not close to being at the height of his powers. This less physically resilient Logan is trying to take care of an ailing Professor Xavier, while both hide out on the Mexican border (in the above clip, Logan's derogatory comment about his new friends suggests they're in Oklahoma at this point). The America they're living in is one in which nearly all mutants have become extinct, and those that are left are shadows of their former selves. Then there are mutants like Laura, who is on the run from the Reavers—cyborg toughs who are under the command of Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). 

Director James Mangold based the film on Mark Millar’s critically acclaimed eight-issue “Old Man Logan,” a fan favorite for its mind-bending, brutal narrative. This promised a Marvel movie with much higher stakes, one in which the once indestructible Wolverine cannot only be hurt, but killed.

Featured image: Hugh Jackman stars as Logan/Wolverine in LOGAN. Photo Credit: James Mangold.Photo Credit: James Mangold – © 2017 Marvel.​



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