The Creation of X-23 in New Logan Clip

Director James Mangold has once again taken to his Twitter page and shared a new clip from the upcoming Logan. While we’ve made it quite clear how excited we are to see Hugh Jackman in his last performance as Wolverine (unless, you know, Ryan Reynolds has anything to say about it), we are also thrilled about Laura (Dafne Keen), who also goes by her mutant name, X-23. In this new clip, we see X-23’s birth, so to speak, when she was turned into the Wolverine-like mutant that ends up wreaking havoc later in the film.

In Logan, we’re going to witness an older, less physically resilient Wolverine and an ailing Professor Xavier hiding out on the Mexican border. The America they're living in is one in which nearly all mutants have become extinct, and those that are left are shadows of their former selves. Then there are mutants like Laura, who is on the run from the Reavers—cyborg toughs who are under the command of Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). Once Laura shows up, Professor X implores Logan to look after his young, um, protégé, so to speak. 

Director James Mangold based the film on Mark Millar’s critically acclaimed eight-issue “Old Man Logan,” a fan favorite for its mind-bending, brutal narrative. This promised a Marvel movie with much higher stakes, one in which the once indestructible Wolverine cannot only be hurt, but killed.

Logan also stars Eriq La Salle, Stephen Merchant, Elise Neal and Elizabeth Rodriguez.

Logan is coming to theaters on March 3, 2017. 



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