Mark Hamill Talks Star Wars: The Last Jedi at Sundance

You can always count on Mark Hamill to give up the goods. And by goods, we don't mean reveal major plot points of certain upcoming films, but rather, by having fun with the fact that he's the central character in the hugest film franchise of all time. One of the actor's charms is how lightly he wears his lightsaber, and how much he enjoys playing with our Star Wars-related obsession. 

Hamill is at Sundance promoting Brigsby Bear, a comedy written by Kyle Mooney and Kevin Costello, directed by Dave McCary, and starring Hamill, Mooney, Claire Danes, Greg Kinnear, among others. Brigsby is getting solid reviews, and is one of the many smaller projects Hamill has championed in his long career. Naturally, as Hamill sat down for interviews about the movie, the press had a few questions about his other little indie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. One such outlet, Uproxx, got Hamill to pontificate on who just might be the last Jedi in the title. For Mike Ryan's full interview, click here.

Do you like the new Star Wars title, The Last Jedi? I guess it would be weird if you said, “No, I don’t.”

I mean, I was told way back when we were doing the film what it was and I really liked it. I didn’t realize, though, that actual phrase is in the crawl for Episode VII.

Oh yeah, you’re right. I didn’t think of that until you just said that.

By the way, when you read The Force Awakens script, the very first two words are, “Luke Skywalker has vanished.” Ooh, baby, this is going to be good! I’m going to have a great part! But down later in the crawl, and I can’t quote it exactly, I saw on Twitter this morning, “until Skywalker, the last Jedi, is destroyed.” I thought, well, I didn’t know that! I’ve only seen it twice – VII, I mean. And I was wondering why they would use that phrase if it was used that way, because it specifies me. And I think it’s very ambiguous. Is the last Jedi Leia? Is it me?

Or is it Rey?

Is it someone we’ve never met before? Or is it Rey? Because she seems to have the force as well. So we’ll all wait and see.

Hamill isn't giving anything away, but he is teasing us by suggesting he might not be the last Jedi after all. As we (and everyone else) have been speculating on the implications of that title, you can be assured that Hamill will continue to have fun playing with our assumptions. We "patiently" await the first trailer.

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